Mathey and Southard Project

The owners of this early Seattle home requested a well-organized, functional, and private garden. The design accommodates their requests, and yet unifies each area through the selection of themes, forms, and finishes.

The Ilsley Residence - Bamboo and Falling Water

The Ilsley’s requested a seamless integration of their Asian influenced interior decoration and the backyard space, which was small and barren.

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The Nunn Residence - Blending Natives with Artiface

Islands of plantings surrounded by meandering paths, and judicious use of native plants inspired this eclectic design. While part of this large lot remains wooded, the substantial turf area became a complex of paths surrounding island beds of azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, ornamental grasses, and boulders.

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The D’Annunzio Residence - Grasses, Pool, and Flagstone in Three Seasons

This site proposed several challenges, not the least were a sloping contour towards the house and very poor drainage. The front yard lawn was perpetually soaked and muddy. Along with these problems was an overgrown rhododendron in front of the living room window that darkened the room.

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