The Nunn Residence - Blending Natives with Artiface

Islands of plantings surrounded by meandering paths, and judicious use of native plants inspired this eclectic design. While part of this large lot remains wooded, the substantial turf area became a complex of paths surrounding island beds of azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, ornamental grasses, and boulders.

The woods showcase spectacular native plants such as Salmonberry, Oceanspray, Red Flowering Currant, Mahonia, and Huckleberry. Added features include an eight hundred square foot concrete patio, stamped and stained, a new, larger deck at ground level, and a custom designed fence and trellis combination (support for Wisteria and Climbing Hydrangea).

Every direction you may take on the paths leads to a view point. The design intent makes use of as much garden space as possible, yet leaving a spacious feeling to enjoy the plant combinations and the hardscape elements, and the native woods.