The D’Annunzio Residence - Grasses, Pool, and Flagstone in Three Seasons

This site proposed several challenges, not the least were a sloping contour towards the house and very poor drainage. The front yard lawn was perpetually soaked and muddy. Along with these problems was an overgrown rhododendron in front of the living room window that darkened the room. The yard was a monotone of dreary green with no focal points beyond a mature ornamental cherry tree that could not be seen from the house. A dry pond coated with black Mexican beach pebbles resolved the drainage problem, and then a flagstone path cuts through the pond. Lining the pond are three season interest plants: Japanese Blood Grass, Karl Foerster grass, Red Vein Enkianthus, a Full Moon Maple, Dwarf Winged Euonymus, Elijah Blue Fescue, and Hakonechloa. Mountain Laurel grows randomly, and the North facing window overlooks a carpet of Azaleas. Dramatic focal points have been added, with color and texure.